20+ Artificial Intelligence Logo Design Inspiration

The future is here and you need an insight of the emerging AI startups’ logo design to inspire yourself

artificial intelligence logo design inspiration

AI, more likely proving to be the real intelligence rather than the artificial one. More and more startups are outgrown from silicon to individual startups.

New companies indicates designer opportunists to reach out and showcase their tech/AI logo designs for references and landing a deal with the emerging Artificial intelligence based startups.

We’ve summed up 2 types of logo designs. It includes logo designs of most popular tech giant’s venture for AI technology and second, the individual designs of AI related startups.

Let’s just begin!


1. Pressley logo

Pressley logo design inspiration

Pressley logo design is an extremely aesthetic and accurately designed master piece that smartly connects the modern fashion with the modern technology. The logo really reflects the art of designing entirely from basic shapes.


2. AI Brain – CEIN

A simple and pixel perfect logo design that use symbolic lines to indicate the brain veins working as the computer wire connections enabling an AI based logo design.


3. RightClick.io | World. Wise. Websites


A simple cool AI logo that is super pixel perfect. The designer has used a great gold color which really reflects its true potential on this black background.


4. Vulpes AI

vulpes-ai creative logo inspiration

A simple line logo for AI based startups that uses orange to yellow gradient color theme. I love the font too, its just relates with the rounded corners of the logo.


5. Epigram

epigram AI tech logo design

Now that’s some true legit logo art. The designer has used its creativity to turn a 2d logo into a 3d one by simply playing with the lines. The logo might looks a little cluttered but overall, it still looks good.


6. Virtuvision Logo


Uptil now, we’re seeing a major trend of relating AI with brain symbol. Yeh, its true and it really looks cool on this logo too. A fine art using a mix of colors with a nice perspective which actually looks great.


7. Human Virtual Intelligence

Another use of a pixel outburst logo as a brain.


8. Applied Alpha logo. For Psyho.ua

One word: “Mind blowing”. This creative artwork is flawless. I love the use of different color harmony to create a wonderful pixel perfect art. The letter “a” formed from this logo really fascinates and might be the outcome of all of my effort.


9. Graphic Go AI

This creative AI logo is great. It reflects the designer’s true capability of designing vector artwork.


10. Fido.AI

This logo uses connectors to create a feel of a brain. Again, great use of gradient colors on the logo.


11. Datamind

Data Mind, a renowned company for its cloud data development services. Their logo also uses the same concept of pixel ouburst but in square shapes. It looks cool and simple.


12. Brain Waves

Really love this beautiful AI logo. It cleverly uses lines to create waves that in turn looks like a brain. The color choice and position is flawless. Really love the idea.


13.Auto Draw

Autodraw Google Logo

Google is popular for its simplest design. Material design is one of the examples of cluttered free solid color design pattern. Auto Draw is a venture, and I think you should really try it out. As for the design of this venture, its really simple expressing the casual approach to it.


14. Prisma

Prisma is also working on a AI based venture that would be reflected in their app soon. Prism has that same old logo and I love that.


15. Neuralink

Neuralink, another company that has a simple solid colored 2d logo that is so simple, enduring and reflects the use of font use as in the logo text.


16. Lyrebird

Lyrebird has a simple logo design, single symbol that really harmonize with the alignment of the logo. One thing i.e that logo design should be simple and should reflect the company is proven in the previous and upcoming logos of world’s most renowned startups today.


17. Tensorflow

Google’s popular venture for Artificial intelligence is no doubt “Tensor Flow”. Although Google is popular for its simple logos but this logo really reflects the idea that is not bounded with the “same shit” stereotypes.


18.Grow Bots

The AI startup named Growbots has a cool circular logo using a solid color. Again, great idea to add a connector that is a technological symbol and really fits great into that G.



20. Prescient Machines

Prescient machines logo is great for AI based startups. A nice simple and elegant logo.


21. Akanda

Akanda uses a really fascinating and creative artwork to resemble the connector and those dots combine creates a tree. Love the concept.


22. Netspire L1

Netspire Systems uses uses the word NS combine which comes out to be nice connected AI logo that uses the connectors.


23. Manuvo

Manuvo has a nice logo that uses the wave model’s white space to create an “M”. Love the whole idea.


24. Wiser Robo

WiserRobo, an AI startup has a great illustration logo.

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