BAD UI/UX of Volkswagen’s Startup “MOIA”

3 mistakes caught by Designer Arsenal’s team to expose the bad UI/UX of VW startup “MOIA”.

MOIA criticism

“The article originally targeted the wrong agency for MOIA’s development work and I apologize to “Khanna \ Reidinga” for my grave mistake.”

We have brought you the first story of our series “Critiques” to expose bad UI/UX experiences around the web.

The website looks beautiful and flawless from the front, but would you believe me, if I could expose you the 3 gigantic mistakes in their web design and development work?

Here are the crucial mistakes on MOIA startup website caught by our #DA team:


Mistake #1: Where’s the logo?

logo placement error UI

Usually, most of the amateur designers don’t emphasize on the footer part due to the fact that it is the most down-sided and less seen part by a visitor and what a surprising thing? MOIA startup of VW thinks the same?

We have a laptop of screen resolution 1280×720 and when we scrolled down on the parallax homepage of MOIA, we found that the logo was missing its bottom part, we couldn’t see the full logo. It looks like the developer had completely dodged the concept of spacing and logo placement.


Mistake #2: Facebook Color Code?

same social logo color bad example

This is one of the most important mistakes that we have caught on the website. Certainly, the developer has tried to reduce the page load time by merging the CSS files which result in the same ‘a’ tag for both Facebook and Twitter icons. Ultimately both icons are having the same hex code color i.e #009dd7. The is not a deliberate one.


Mistake #3: Is MOIA Mobile Responsive?

bad responsive UX design example

After running many mobile responsive tests manually and through different tools including screenfly, Google mobile friendly test, Studiopress etc, they all showed different errors which we caught manually too. It includes:

  • Small tap targets in smaller devices and in tablets too.
  • Text is falling from the view ports
  • Smaller fonts on big screens


There are other mistakes as well, but that doesn’t count when we have the bigger ones to resolve first.
That’s it. The purpose behind the scrutiny was just to critique the development work and to underline the mistakes in the UI/UX development of MOIA’s website.

Designer Arsenal has taken the charge to expose those creative agencies that have a monopoly in the market and charges way more than their effort to build a brand. If you think our initiative is worth it, then spread the word and send us a message telling us who’s next on our list?

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  1. Khanna Reidinga was not responsible for the UX or build of the moia website. Please correct this article asap and retract any posts or promotions you have made that make reference to it. Perhaps a good idea to do some basic research before making this kind of criticism?

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