Print Ads: 20 Creative Health Advertising Campaign Ads

We’ve showcased 20 different health related creative and inspiring print ads for your inspiration this week. Get inspired now!

Headache health creative print ad

It’s inspiring week! And I have something special for you. It’s “20 creative and inspiring health-related print ads” and I hope these would really inspire you. I have tried to explain each advertisement from the top so that you could get some ideas on how would you create your own print ads.

Disclaimer: I haven’t commissioned any of the following brands’ print ads.

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    Without more paras and wordings, let’s just start right away.


1. Healthy Lungs Fitness Print Ad

Nike heart health creative print ad

Nike has brilliantly designed this print ad which cleverly depicts the shoes as lungs. The choice of color red also resonates with the idea esp. the lined patterns on the shoes really looks like lungs at the first glance. A marvelous illustration and a strong message of fitness, the secret to your healthy lungs.


2. Mental Health Print Ad Campaign

mental health creative advertising campaign

It’s good to have a sight over gym but mental health comes with positivity, healthy intake, regular exercises and healthy environment. I really love the creative thinking behind illustrating brain on biceps. This creative print advertisement at least would remind them of their mental health status and take a necessary action towards its cure.


3. Weight Loss Creative Print Ad

Human Fat health print ad

The most popular and common problem of all kinds of ages is FAT and the most popular solution is to take on a gym. This above creative artwork of print ad illustrates that how the gym would benefit you to lower down your belly time to time. This print Ad is targeted to Adults as the picture shows and would likely engage the reader to search for this gym mentioned below in the above image.


4. Mouth Wash Health Print Ad Campaign

Health food creative ad campaign 2017

This is not a secret that today’s most of the sickness, illness and diseases emerged from in taking unhealthy foods and on top of that resisting yourself from removing that junk from your mouth. The print ad also depicts the idea that most of us eat without washing our hands at work. The company offers a quick solution to this.


5. Stress and Health Prevention Print Ad

Headache health creative print ad

“Stress makes you look older”. The designer has really put an effort and astonished its viewers with the creativity involved in this particular print ad campaign. Headaches are normal but if they are frequent and not prevented would weaken your brain and its functions. Well, the painkillers work for a temporary period and sometimes is the cause of the headaches.

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6. Anti Obese Print Ad

Obesity healthy print ad campaign

This anti-obese campaign involves a print ad that discourages users to avoid things esp. sweets that are the one of the biggest cause of obese patients recorded. Just look at the fatty layers just like the ice cream layers.


7. Pregnancy Smoking Creative Print Ad

pregnancy smoke health awesome print ad

This anti-smoking print ad encourages not to smoke in pregnancy. This creative print ad depicts the idea that if smoked, turned out to be the ingredient of your child hence would bear birth defects. This ad is really one of fascinating health print ads here.


8. Self Medication Creative Print Ad

self-medication health print ad

It is prescribed to avoid self-medication and as this health print ad illustrates bullets instead of tablets in the medication. The idea of this print ad really denotes that in taking tablet like bullets without consulting a doctor is a suicide attempt.


9. Smoking is Suicide, Health Print Advert

smoking kills health print ad

The most abhorrent habit is to smoke, which is widely spread throughout the world. The print ad above creatively used the cigarette holding hand in the way that it doesn’t only affect the person smoking but killing people around who are smoking passively.


10. Stress Health Management Print Advertisement

stress creative print ad

It is natural to be stressful for a working person but the print ad suggests that there is a way to manage your stress. The above face illustrates the notion that the person with stress wouldn’t feel its presence consciously and in order to focus on oneself should adopt mindfulness.


11. Child Labor Health Print Ad

child labour health campaign social ad

While Child labor is a social corruption but it has a direct relation with the health of the children that are being forced to work one way or another. This print ad illustrates the idea of a child working in a company rather than getting educated in a school or college. The health of a child differs from adults and that is why the print ad illustrates they couldn’t even help themselves while in danger.


12. Alcohol against Human Health Print Ad

Alcohol and health creative print ad

Alcohol is slow poisoning and I love the print ad idea of using the bottle’s transparency to show the aftermath of the person who takes alcohol.


13. ALS Creative Health Print Ad Awareness Campaign

ALS healthcare creative and brilliant advert campaign

ALS is a dreadful disease that destroys the nerve cells and the brain functions. The above advertising poster illustrates that it is impossible for an ALS patient to move his hand and it could go further effecting legs and other parts of the body ultimately paralyzing the whole body. I love the art combination that involved the picture and a maze sketch to explain the intensity of the disease.


14. Alzheimer Disease Health Print Ad

Alzheimer disesase creative health print ad

Alzheimer is a memory loss diseases typically found in aged people. It does have a cure but it’s often related to as a natural outcome with the age. I really love this print ad idea of using an hourglass that shows how the brain is being vanished as the time goes.


15. Blood Donation Health Print Ad

Blood Donation health print ad campaign

This blood donation print ad above reiterates the idea that even a single drop of your blood could contribute in the life of a needy person. The image without blood illustrated the help (you may have seen this picture often) but by adding the blood and reducing the blood in the second really projects the idea of the need of an hour.


16. Creative Healthy Hair Print Ad

hair health print ad

A very creative and amazing ad of hair fall. This print ad illustrates the idea of the strong hair that is willing to stay. The staying thing is portrayed with a funny illustration which involves a character resting in his boat. It’s really awesome!


17.  Diabetes Health Awareness Print Ad Campaign

diabetes health creative print ad

This health print ad illustrates the idea of Diabetes one of the causes of the slow recovery of wounds. What an amazing idea that is. The idea was to add melted chewing gum as a sweet which has surrounded the wound and is dripping with the blood and wounds. The intensity of this photo depicts the idea that how much Diabetes could worsen your health.


18. Creative Anti Smoking Print Ad

cigarette kills creative print ad

The designer has used the concept of the thermometer and the cigarette and relate it to the idea of cigarette smoking that reduces lifespan with every cigarette that is smoked. An astonishing print ad that used various concepts and bears a perfect health-related print ad above.


19. Strong Bones Health Print Ad

Stronger bones health care print ad

A healthy campaign print ad that illustrates bones connected with each other with supporting hands and that said, it projects a notion of protecting bones and fighting against one of the common diseases named “Osteoporosis”.


20. Washing Hand for Healthy Food Print Ad Campaign

Family health print ad campaign

You might be eating with your duster and shoes if you haven’t washed your hands lately. A direct and perfect illustration of what is the reality of that food that you would like to eat with your dirty hands. The use of duster, dustpan and shoes are among the items that you would daily interact with.

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