50+ Free Restaurant Menu Template Freebies

Why the hell you’re paying for restaurant menu templates? Get all of these premium templates for FREE!

Restaurant Menu Design

Need a totally free restaurant template that could be easily customized and bring up smiles to your customers?

Wait a sec, how many times were you likely influenced by a restaurant menu design? Let me educate you with a real stat quoted from toasttab:

88% of adults use restaurant technology to look up restaurant locations, directions and hours of operation. 70% look at menus.”


It feels like out of 50 people, 35 persons actually are heavily influenced by the menu design and its items.

No doubt, the presentation is the key to attract and engage in users to look at your restaurant menu.

But what things do make your restaurant menus so different from other menu designs?

  1. Avoid the old shit, Get some modern look.
  2. Make it precise and to the point.
  3. Usage of big pictures drives hungry dogs crazy
  4. Use clean typography and marginalize text to make it easy for the customers to read.

1. One Pager Menu PSD

One page psd menu design

Do you want a free and an interactive tablet restaurant menu for your foodies? This is a one pager food menu template for your restaurant aligning all the important information in a landing page for your customers. Just get this design or get this customized first and reach out for a developer to design an interactive tablet restaurant menu for you.


2. Fast Food Menu Tri-Fold Brochure


Whether you own a cafeteria, coffee shop, fast food restaurant or have a catering business, this amazingly designed restaurant menu PSD template design would help you serve to your loyal customers. The Photoshop layers are clean and organized in groups. Download this brochure menu template for free.


3. Free Restaurant Food Menu Template

Freebie Restaurant Food Menu Table Tent Template Free PSD

A free and print-ready restaurant PSD design template for your business. The template is easily customizable and editable.


4. Free Food Menu Interface

Food menu UI free PSD

This free menu interface design for mobile is great and has a complete PSD design to customize and amend it to your brand colors. Use this food menu UI with your next app design.


5. Tri-fold Restaurant Food Menu Template

Tri-Fold Restaurant Food Menu Template Free PSD

A cozy free tri-fold brochure menu design template for your Restaurant or catering business. Just customize it and replace your food item listings. I love it because of its nice colors, graphics and decency in the overall design.


6. Editable Restaurant Menu Template

Editable restaurant menu template vector

A simple yet brilliantly designed one pager free restaurant menu design for your restaurant. Categorize your food items into many sections to make it organized. Your customers would love it.


7. Vertical Classic Restaurant Template PSD

Restaurant menu template minimal

Do you want a simple 2 pager menu planner template with few categories in it? If yes, then this PSD template would be your perfect choice as it has a simple front and a page to add fewer items in it. Just customize it freely


8. Chalkboard Themed Menu Template

Menu template on blackboard

Want a classic way of serving menu to your customers? This chalkboard/blackboard template is an intuitive way to present your menu items with a classic touch.


9. Burger Bar Red Menu Template

Burguer bar red menu template

A modern meal planner designed with awesome typography and use of icons that enhances the user experience. This Burger bar menu template is worthy to be customized and then to be used for your own purposes absolutely for free!


10. Colorful Restaurant Menu Design

Colorful menu template vector

A modern multi-colored bi fold restaurant menu template with flat icons for representation and great and clean typography which clearly states every menu item for your customer. Just customize it to make it unique to your restaurant business.


11. Elegant Menu Template

Elegant and vintage restaurant template

An A4 sized ready to print restaurant menu template design. It has a vintage and classy look and perfect for coffee shops.


12. Four-Panel Italian Restaurant Menu

Four panel italian restaurant template

If you’re looking for a restaurant template that could be edited online then this 4 boxed delicious restaurant template is for you. By using Canva, you could easily edit the template, change fonts, color scheme and adjust it to your restaurant business feel. There is a lot to customization in this template. Be sure to try this.


13. Professional Food Menu Design

funky looking restaurant menu

Another Canva supported restaurant template for your restaurant. This one page menu features multiple picture boxes for your high resolution food images. This funky looking template is a perfect fit to grab visitor’s attention for a specific food.


14. Colorful Five-Photo Café Menu

Colorful Five-Photo Café Menu

Use this classy editable canva supported restaurant menu templates. It features big boxes just like above template and has some fancy typography to cheer up your customers.


15. Neat Orange Juicery Menu

Neat Orange Juicery Menu

Are you a one stop juice shop? Get this canva supported restaurant template and create an amazing juices menu for your customers. It features a placement for big picture of your product and a table list to include the items, description, prices etc.

A one fancy looking juicy template worth tens of dollars!


16. Retro Style Grill Restaurant Menu Template

Grill restaurant menu in retro style

A bi-fold premium grid supported restaurant template. This vector menu template features amazing typography best for engaging users to read and buy your product. It can be easily customized with vector based software like Adobe Illustrator.


17. Free Sample Menu Template Design

Free Menu Template

A large tri-fold restaurant menu template for your customers. It features multiple menus and information boxes that could be customized with vector based software. A soothing typography and a clean look makes it vulnerable to be read. A one shockingly free template for you to download.


18. Two-Photo Japanese Restaurant Menu

Two-Photo Japanese Restaurant Menu

A simple and minimal restaurant menu template supporting Canva and featuring 2 big photo placements which could replace your high resolution pictures of your product. Designed for Japanese food restaurant.


19. 34 Free Restaurant Design Templates

34 menu templates

Yeh, I didn’t fake it! Its actually 50 templates in total and here are the remaining 34 gorgeously built restaurant templates. One thing about these free menu templates is that most of them are a listing type menu cards, so if you’re into these kinds of templates, be sure to download them and customize it.


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