20 Free & Unique Casual Hipster Fonts For Your Website

free hipster fonts 2017

#HipsterFonts are very much in trend and I thought to bring up some of the casual hipster fonts for you.

Fonts describe the purpose, delivery and the feel of your text, so try to choose a font that you would think really resembles and serves your purpose.

The following fonts are available for free, are of high quality, perfect for all screens and provides support for multiple languages. Click the relevant pictures to navigate to the page where you could download that particular font.

Here are the 20 top casual hipster fonts for Year 2017.


1. Amadeus Font

amadeus free font

The first font on the list is ‘Amadeus’, a nice casual, decorative and hipster font loved by millions. The font is available in ttf format and can be easily downloaded into your desktop. The font has nice fancy curves perfect for your hipster styled website.


2. Carrington Font

carrington free font

A script type calligraphic and casual typography font designed for hipsters like you. The font has a good elegance flow throughout the type, perfect for attractive headlines and casual sensual medium. The font is easily available in ttf format.


3. Bigfish Font

bigfish free font

A heavy bold and hipster type font perfect for headlines and emphasis. The font has an amazing stroke on the top side that iterates the idea of the importance of the text. This font can also be used in kids and humorous website as it has a casual side with emphasis.


4. Grand Hotel Font

grand hotel font

An elegant, cute and unique hipster font that is very elegant and would work perfectly in causal wedding cards, gift cards and birthday wishes. The typography of this type is very expressive in itself. Works great with casual items and events with elegance.


5. Hornswoggled Font

hornswoggled font

A casual serif-slab font which has some straight pointed serif edges. The font is very childish but a unique and free hipster font perfect for kids website, magazines and any scripture. The font is free and can be integrated with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Ms Word.


6. Komika Axis Font

komika axis font

A hipster comic font. This is one of my favorite fonts in the list. The font is so attractive and expresses the authority of the text. Komika Axis is a free font and worked flawlessly with your desktop apps. The type of this font is similar to brush so its kind of casual and and authoritative font.


7. Lobster Font

lobster font

Lobster is one of the popular fonts on the web. But did you even noticed that its a hipster font? Lobster font is popular for its seamless integration with casual and decent authoritative fonts so its widely accepted and hence popular among millions.


8. Pacifico Font

pacifico free font

Another anti-mainstream font is the ‘Pacifico’ due to its unique handwritten type which enhances the purposes of text with


9. QuigleyWiggly Font


Another casual hipster font having its own essence of delicacy and authority. This hand written script font is available for free and can are best for business letterheads, brochures, flyers and email signatures too.


10. Sail Font

sail free font

‘Sail’ font is one of the best fonts that is curly hipster font and that could be used for your fashion websites, casual personal profiles, portfolio sites and any where you could think a fancy font would work.


11. True Crimes Font

TRUE CRIMES free font

A purely hipster and comic font that shows some authority to the purpose of the text written. Works best with powerful impact headlines and to attract readers towards a subject. It could also be proven as the best font for call to action increasing your CTA through clicks. Really recommended. It is available in multi-languages and has amazing glyphs.


12. WC Mano Negra Font

WC MANO NEGRA free font

A rough and cursive hipster font with sharp edges and a brush like typography. The joining in the type is perfect and pretends as a realistic hand written font. This font has millions of downloads and is much popular among hipster like websites and docs.


13. Delius Swash Caps Font


A rough and tough font that would perfectly with paragraphs and small headlines. The font has little curves but has a decent look overall. The font is packed with 250 glyphs. The font would work in all screen devices without distorting even a pixel.


14. Chinese Rocks Font

chinese rocks free font

A grunge type font that fits for hipster styled writings. The font is very authoritative and has a perfect spacing between the letters. The font can be used in headings especially to make more emphasis to the topic. It can easily be used in large banners, hoardings, flyers and websites too.


15. UglyQua Font Font

UGLYQUA free font

A curly hipster font that isn’t perfect for professional websites but has a casual feel to it. This is a vintage font and can be best with sites selling vintage based products or could be used to give classical touch. This font comes with 2 styles (Regular and Italic).


16. Little Trouble Girl Font


A condensed and curly font that could work both with headings and paragraphs. The font gives a feel of secrecy, scary and craziness. What do you feel?


17. Quick End Jerk Font


A crazy hipster font that has all caps letters and bouncy orientation. This font is little childish but would work perfectly for kids related and funny scripts. It supports multiple languages and has 252 glyphs.


18. Vampiro One Font

vampiro one free font

Its a low-contrast script font that supports multiple screens and are pixel perfect on displays. This font resembles with a premium monoline script and has a unique touch to its flat ends.


19. Kalam Font

kalam free font

A handwriting type Indian hipster font that has a steep from its head to toe creating a personalized touch and feel in the text. Kalam is currently featured in 44,936 websites and is much popular in US and Brazil.


20. Kimberley Font

KIMBERLEY font free

A rounded sans-serif font that resembles a sci-fi aesthetic font. It has a total of 7 weights and 404 glyphs. The font serves the old usage of bold machine font to create vintage feel in texts.

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