20 Most Incredible Business Card Design Inspiration

With the right aesthetic, you can surely stand out. For that, here are twenty of the most incredible business card designs that demonstrate creativity and technique through their well-thought and innovative themes.

Creative Cardboard Airplane Business Card Design

At this present age, business cards are definitely essential especially when an opportunity calls for someone to share information with a potential client, or to make a favorable first impression.

These cards come in various schemes and designs to show the personality of the owner or the company while remaining informative and attractive.

Standard and conventional templates call for simplicity, but they just will not cut for a striking business card that would catch a client’s eyes.

With the right aesthetic, you can surely stand out. For that, here are twenty of the most incredible business card designs that demonstrate creativity and technique through their well-thought and innovative themes.


1. Miniature Chair Card Design

Miniature Chair Card Design Card inspiration

The business card of furniture shop Bentply was designed to be structured into a miniature replica of the 1934 plywood chair originally designed by Gerald Summers. The indigenous design can be accomplished by simply following the instructions on the card.


2. Engraved Card Design

Engraved card design inspiration

Created by using laser to cut and etch a basswood, this engraved design attracts those who are into organic yet highly creative business card design. Designer John T. Kim ensures everyone that its woodgrain pattern creates a distinct yet eye-catching design.


3. Swiss Army Knife Card Design

Swiss Army Knife Card Design

The card is made of several layers of cardboard which are intricately cut using a laser. They are then fit together to look like a Swiss Army Knife. Owner and designer Gijs brings to life fantastic business card ideas through his inventive skills and versatility.


4. Interactive Business Card Design

Interactive Business Card Design

Designing an interactive business card is a good way to get a potential client be interested in your business. Such example by Skyboat is printed by hand on a letterpress printing press. The card is then die cut to form its household shape.


5. Sliding Effect Card Design

Sliding Effect Business Card Design

Created for results coach Caroline Biosvert, the business card features a fascinating design with a sliding visual effect. Its colors give an impression of an increasing bright light as the card is folded up.


6. Three Dimensional Die Card Design

Three Dimensional Die Card Design


Made of laser cut acrylic, the business card would resemble a 3D die when its pieces are snapped off and fit together to form its final shape. Designed by Sharra Culp for Daniel Marthaler, the business card design is innovative and memorable.


7. Cheese Grater Business Card Design

Cheese Grater Business Card Design

Built by JWT, an advertising agency in Brazil, this business card is designed to look like a cheese grater. What makes it more inventive is that, it can actually grate some cheese.


8. Yoga Mat Card Design

Yoga Mat Business Card Design

This business card is created for Vancouver Yoga Center. As it can be observed, the design is quite simple yet it strikingly mimics the mechanism of a yoga mat which can be rolled.


9. Hair Dresser Card Design

Hair Dresser Business Card Design

This business card is designed for those who have a hair dressing business. To fully gauge its effect, on has to roll it and cut its top portion, like how a hair dresser cuts the hair. Designed by Igor Perkusic, the business card comes in various designs.


10. Stamp Business Card Design

Stamp Business Card Design

Another inventive way of creating a business card is by using a stamp to reveal the user’s information. For instance, in this stamp by advertising agency OpusMúltipla, the lip-shaped stamp needs to be pressed on a sheet of paper to divulge the print.


11. Seed Packet Card Design

Seed Packet Card Design

What seems to be a simple pack may actually contain information, and save the environment. Designed by Struck , this business card stores seeds inside a pack. The seeds can be planted and then added with the brand’s goods.


12. Dried Meat Card Design

Dried Meat Card Design

Imagine eating a business card. Well, this design actually lets you eat one. Created by Rethink, the card is made up of dried meat meant for “survival training,” as the brand of the company implies.


13. Grilled Business Card Design

Grilled Business Card Design

Designed for a steak restaurant called BKK Grill, the business card may look as simple – a white sheet of paper with a sentence which says “grill me” on one side. But when it is grilled against fire, the stamped message of the card will appear.


14. Iris Business Card Design

Iris Business Card Design

However simple when initially seen, the card features more than what meets the eye. It has an iris which may be scaled to look larger or smaller, depending on the holder.


15. Sprouting Plants Card Design

Sprouting Plants Card Design

Designed by Jamie Wieck, the business card is designed neatly and inventively. A mini plant sprouts from the card after four days of soaking it.


16. Interlocking Business Card Design

Interlocking Card Design

Designed by Erik Cox for Common, the card is letterpress and printed on a thick chipboard. The cards are then interlocked using the slits on either sides of the cards to form various shapes and forms.


17. Cardboard Airplane Business Card Design

Creative Cardboard Airplane Business Card Design

These models of planes involves using laser to cut around a millimeter of plywood. Designed for Flight Coffee, the card can be assembled into an airplane as seen from the image.


18. Three Dimensional Folding Business Card Design

Three Dimensional Folding Business Card Design

It may seem like a standard business card, but when its sides are squeezed, it quickly becomes a 3D cube-shaped card. Designed by Y &R Brasil, the card gives an effect of a packing box.


19. Clear Plastic Business Card Design

Clear Plastic Business Card Design

Erol en Roc created a business card which was printed using a clear acrylic in order to give an additional element of interest.


20. Hardware Store Business Card Design

Hardware Store Business Card Design

Designed by Niklas Zimmermann and Laura Markert, this business card was created not only to be informative, but to be functional also. It has cuts which are designed to allow a small hardware piece to be inserted on it.


Aside from creating an effective business card, you may also want to create for yourself an e-mail newsletter to promote your business. For more information regarding this marketing tool, you visit this link: Design Droide


Whether you want to make a good first impression, or you just want a handy business card to give away when needed, yours should still be striking and innovative. Aside from trusting your creative instinct, getting inspirations from the designs above will surely do the trick.

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