30+ Amazing Photo Folder Design Ideas That Impress

Get inspired with the most amazing folder design ideas for your photographic albums, photographic portfolio and a collection of all your best clicks in one!

baldesca samper folder design

There’s a lot of truth to the old phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Photography can capture concepts and emotions in a way that words can’t, and that’s something designers can take advantage of when promoting a business.

But it’s often more complicated than just taking a great-looking photo; you have to consider the way that photo is presented.

With the right design, a folder can serve as the perfect way to showcase a photo, whether you’re promoting a professional photographer or highlighting a shot from your company’s latest event.

To spark your creativity, here are over 30 folders specifically designed around the presentation of photography.


Folders for Photographers


1. Amanda Gerhardsens

Amanda Gerhardsens Folder design

The soft pink and yellow tones in this folder’s design (along with the photo of a woman’s legs) give it a light and feminine feel. The triangular shape on the cover is an abstract, conceptual take on the letter A (the first letter in the photographer’s name).


2. Pearson Photography

Pearson Photography Folder Design Inspiration

The black foil stamp in the lower right corner of Pearson Photography’s black folder makes for a subtle, elegant look.


3. Sarah Layne Photography

Sarah Layne Photography Folder Design

Sarah Layne Photography’s brand is self-described as “vintage, pretty in a clean modern way, handmade, and environmentally-aware,” so this stripped-down design is a perfect fit. The ribbon and hand-stamped logo are nice, personal accents.


4. Brooke Morgan Photography

Brooke Morgan Photography Folder

Brooke Morgan’s kraft pocket folders provide a natural, homemade look that’s consistent with the other materials in the brand’s marketing package.


5. Design Aglow

Design Aglow Folder

This DIY design was originally a standard presentation folder, but it’s been altered with additional slits and ribbon to make it ideal for presenting a photograph.


6. Ashley McCormick Photography

Ashley McCormick Photography Folder Design

Ashley McCormick’s folder uses a distinctive C-shaped pocket that sets it apart from similar folders while also allowing for maximum exposure of the photos inside.


7. Brian Harte Photography

Brian Harte Photography Folder

This miniature folder is great for presenting a sample portrait to potential clients. The photo on the cover uses dramatic lighting to seize the recipient’s attention.


8. Keith Pitts Photography

Keith Pitts Photography Folder Designer

The textured pattern on the cover of Keith Pitts Photography’s folder makes it pleasing to the touch. It’s bound with a band that includes a tag with the company’s URL.


9. James Braund

James Braund Folder

Photographer James Braund’s folder is no-nonsense and straight to the point, with his name and job title in an unobtrusive spot at the top of the cover.


10. PN Photography

PN Photography

A stunning wedding photograph takes up the cover of PN Photography’s dazzling folder. More photos can be found on the inside and back, along with the company’s contact information and a pleasant thank-you message.


11. Ali Sharaf

Ali Sharaf Creative Photo Folder

Ali Sharaf’s folder simply features the photographer’s first initial. It uses square notches and a band to turn the photographs into a booklet of sorts, while also allowing them to be easily removed.


12. Booze Photography

Booze Photography Folder

The soft brown color and conceptual font used in this design make it modern, earthy, and approachable.


13. Parsi Images

Parsi Images Photo Folder Design

Parsi Images’s logo takes center stage on these wedding photography folders. The natural colored stock implies honesty and eco-friendliness.


14. Julia Norlander

Julia Norlander Inspiration

The deep forest green of Julia Norlander’s design complements the natural settings of her photographs.


15. Carina Walter

Carina Walter Photo Folder

A series of black-and-white photographs gaze at the recipient from both the front and back of this folder.


16. Hunter Photographic

Hunter Photographic Photo Folder Design

These wedding photography folders are the perfect size for mailing. Rather than printing on the folder itself, the designer has affixed a business card to it with a thin piece of string.


17. Luka Zanic Photography

Luka Zanic Photography Folder Design

Two die-cut windows in the shape of an N and K form the cover of this folder, revealing bits of the photographs inside.


18. Ana Lui

Ana Lui

This folder uses two colors of ink to break up the natural look of the brown kraft stock.


19. Khanh Nguyen

Khanh Nguyen Folder Inspiration

This folder design is part of an entire branding package, all using a geometric triangle motif. The photographer’s logo forms a hidden “pause” symbol, similar to a button you might find on a camera.


20. Baldesca Samper

Baldesca Samper Folder Design

The bright red color of this folder energizes its audience, priming them to enjoy the materials inside. Baldesca Samper’s logo is thin and modern, with text surrounding a symbol reminiscent of a camera.


Branded Photo Folders for Companies and Events


21. Temple University

Temple University Folder Design

Temple University uses a bold red logo to attract attention, while a deckle cut border frames the photo placed inside.


22. Liverpool Football Club Museum

Creative Liverpool Football Club Museum Folder

A brilliant red and gold color scheme is designed to get football fans psyched up about their favorite team’s achievements.


23. Americold

Americold Photo Folder

Americold’s folder design is highly modern, with a high-tech font and cool, calming colors (complementing the refrigeration-related business).


24. Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer Photo Folder

A dazzling view of the city’s skyline from the top of the Singapore Flyer Ferris wheel frames the photo in this souvenir folder.


25. Grand Hotel Mackinac Island

Grand Hotel Mackinac Island

The bright scarlet background of this folder energizes viewers, while the classic font suggests nostalgia and tradition. A deckle cut frame surrounds the photo inside.


26. Water’s Revenge

Water’s Revenge Folder Design Idea

A dark, wavy, watery pattern accents this photo folder. The logo on the inside left cover combines both curved and sharp elements.


27. Sentry Data Systems

Sentry Data Systems Photo Folder

The text on this cover of this photo folder uses a double exposure effect to reveal a view of glowing city lights over a serene river. Inside, the date and location of Sentry Data Systems’ special event appears at the bottom of the right panel.


28. Atos


An inspirational message is the most prominent element of this photo folder. Underneath is the company’s logo, as well as the iconic Olympic rings.


29. Traders Point Christian Church

Traders Point Christian Church Folder Design

A pattern of delicate snowflakes and stars against an elegant night sky decorate this folder for a church’s special event.


30. Printingblue

Printingblue Folder

This certificate folder is also ideal for showcasing photos. It features a dark blue background and a stylish winged logo on the front cover.


31. Colibri

Colibri Photo Folder

The brilliant red color of Colibri’s photo folder is designed to get viewers pumped up and excited about their event. Inside is the company’s logo and details about the show.


32. Indiamart

Indiamart Folder Inspire

This unique blue leather booklet-style folder allows the user to showcase two photos side-by-side.


Do you have a photo folder design that you’d love to show off? Share it in the comments below!

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