#20 Best Creative Portfolio Case Design Inspiration

Looking for some creative portfolio case designs? These 20 hand picked portfolio designs will really create an impact on your potential clients after all presentation matters the most.

Whether you’re mailing an important document to a colleague or presenting a series of designs to a potential client, portfolio case designs are incredibly useful. But without the proper design, a portfolio can do more harm that good; it reflects the amount of effort you’re willing to exert on your brand’s appearance.

Getting started on creating your portfolio case design can be tricky. Fortunately, these 20 designs demonstrate a variety of interesting techniques and aesthetics.

1. Symbia Portfolio Case

Symbia Portfolio Case

A series of vivid, colorful illustrations decorate the cover of this business marketing portfolio. A tag with company’s contact information is attached to the upper left corner by a chain, functioning as a makeshift business card that could be detached and kept separate.


2. Brambleton Soave Real Estate Case

Brambleton Soave Real Estate Case

The deep mahogany color of this portfolio is a perfect match for the rustic Appalachian community it promotes, while the metallic pewter foil adds a dash of luxury.


3. Jaeyong Sung Portfolio Case

Jaeyong Sung Portfolio Case

This creative portfolio features a unique logo modeled after the designer’s name. The heavy contrast between the white, black, and bright red elements are excellent for seizing recipients’ attention.


4. Travis Cleevely

Travis Cleevely

This designer’s portfolio folder goes for an “oddball” brand with the use of a strikingly unusual eyeball icon. The cloud motif and cool teal color scheme give the design an airy, dreamy feel.


5. Historic Barns of Nipmoose

Historic Barns of Nipmoose

The pale, speckled gray stock used in this design is reminiscent of weathered barn wood, making it perfect for the historic barns it promotes.


6. Cathy Durso Case

Cathy Durso Case

Cathy Durso’s velvety black portfolio case is elegantly simple and gently personal, fastened with an attractive ribbon. Rather than a conventional pocket, the portfolio folder holds materials using a series of flaps.


7. Kelly Community Federal Credit Union Portfolio Case

Kelly Community Federal Credit Union Portfolio Case

The use of red, white and blue in this portfolio’s case design gives it a patriotic edge without being too on the nose. Similarly, the pattern at the bottom is modeled after the Texas town in which the bank is based, exhibiting local pride in a subtle way.


8. Design in Beirut – A Portfolio Case

Design in Beirut - A Portfolio Case

This portfolio case features a mottled white stock, accented with black flaps and bound with a yellow band. The company’s logo uses a thin, modern font and takes advantage of symmetry to create a look that’s truly distinctive.


9. Gemini Duplication Portfolio

Gemini Duplication Portfolio

Gemini Duplication’s portfolio case design uses a bright orange color scheme and fluffy cloud graphics to create a look that’s light, happy and energetic. The dark color of the front panel provides a pleasing contrast.


10. Delve Case

Delve Portfolio Case

This small-sized folder makes use of elaborate custom die cut windows and multiple tiered pockets. The rose-style window on the front give recipients an attractive sneak peak of the materials inside.


11. The Residences at the Ritz-Carlton Portfolio

The Residences at the Ritz-Carlton Portfolio

The suede paper stuck, leather cord and wooden closures on this portfolio case give it a rustic, homey feel that reflects the mountain residential community associated with it. The deep, earthy colors make these designs hearty and robust.


12. Sandra Autukaite

Sandra Autukaite

This portfolio case is white with accents of gold, expressing luxury and high-end design. The golden sides fold up like an accordion, providing a series of divided pockets for easy organization.


13. Wagon Wheel Portfolio Case

Wagon Wheel Portfolio

The soft gray stock, sans-serif logo, and twine used in this portfolio provide a casual, unassuming, approachable design. The company’s logo and name are fairly small and sit in the corners of the portfolio, leaving plenty of whitespace.


14. Evangelina Nucete Alvarez

Evangelina Nucete Alvarez Portfolio Case

This cloth portfolio box resembles a suitcase, but is compact enough to make it ideal for presenting marketing materials. The bright red string that holds the portfolio case closed gives it an extra streak of color.


15. Greystone on Hudson

Greystone on Hudson Portfolio Case

The sterling grey stock and shimmering copper foil on this design gives it an air of charm and grandeur, while also staying traditional and classic.


16. EDP Portfolio Case


The splashes of color on the front of this folder are exciting and dynamic, urging recipients to look closer. The back side, on the other hand, is matte black, making the top flab and mailing window stand out.


17. South William Clinic & Spa Portfolio Case

South William Clinic & Spa Portfolio Case

In the designers’ own words, this portfolio case design “embodies beauty and elegance” with its thin and intricate logo. The bow on the front cover is an especially nice accent.


18. Las Haciendas Design & Engineering, LLC Portfolio Design

Las Haciendas Design & Engineering, LLC Portfolio Case

A gorgeous city skyline dazzles the eye from the flap of this portfolio case design. The cool turquoise graphics stand out against the black paisley background pattern.


19. Teresa Lee Portfolio Design

Teresa Lee Portfolio

This Chinese New Year portfolio case uses bright, garish colors, but bucks the red-and-gold motif that’s most common with these sorts of materials. Instead, it showcases traditional lantern imagery associated with the festive holiday.


20. Leticia e Rafael Portfolio Case

Leticia e Rafael Portfolio Design

The pale golden color of this portfolio case and its accompanying strap gives it a light, summery feel. While the outside is composed primary of empty space, the inside featured a fun pinstripe pattern.


Do you have a great portfolio design you’d like to share? Link to it in the comments below!

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