30+ Unique Presentation Binder Design Ideas for Inspiration

Beautify your presentation with these uniquely designed beautiful binder design ideas for inspiration

binder design inspiration

A binder can serve many different purposes. It can supplement a speech or presentation, make sales materials easier to digest, or simply help keep you organized.

But a binder can be more than just functional; with the right design, you can turn it into a work of art.

Sometimes, all you need to spark the perfect design idea is a bit of inspiration. With that in mind, here are over 30 unique presentation binder design ideas to help get your creative juices pumping.


1. Devin Francisco

wp sign systems binder presentation

This terrifying design is modeled after the Necronomicon, a fictional book of spells that is often depicted as being bound in human skin. The designer has used molded latex and paint to create the look of a human face stretched and twisted into a horrific visage, complete with an ear on the back cover.


2. Angi-kat

This steampunk-style binder (designed for a trip to a comic convention) incorporated a number of moving parts, including levers, gears, and a hidden compartment in the spine. It’s the sort of thing you might find in a mad inventor’s secret laboratory.


3. Naturoll

The use of red and black gives this binder design a stark, dramatic quality. A white line drawing provides the viewer with a highly detailed, visually attractive look at the company’s products.


4. MilleCuirs

A sculpted dragon glares from the cover of this bound photo binder, styled to look like an ancient medieval text. The extra chains, buckles and other adornments add interest, giving it the gravitas of a legendary magical tome.


5. Edeka

Though at first glance it appears to be a relatively normal binder, this design for Edeka opens up into a colorful board game based on the German supermarket, complete with cards and game pieces. It doesn’t serve the same function as a traditional binder, but it’s a very creative, compact way to promote a business.


6. MGM Resorts

The bright green tones and curved, swooping shapes in MGM Resorts’ design indicate growth and productivity, which is perfect for a binder created for a management training course. The company’s 3D geometric logo appears in the lower-right corner on the cover.


7. WP Sign Systems

This binder for a signage vendor takes a very stripped-down approach, with a background reminiscent of bare wood or cardboard. A fun cartoon on the cover showcases the various products and services that the company offers.


8. CML Alliance

This binder design uses bright orange colors and vibrant photography to convey a sense of cheerful energy. It comes with a handsome “belly band” seal, giving the design some extra visual weight.


9. Lectio

This looseleaf-style Bible has a very traditional, classic design. The stark black background makes the gold text pop like a light in the darkness.


10. Theatre for a New Audience

A medieval-style tapestry pattern makes up the background of this binder promoting a Brooklyn theatre program. The Shakespeare graphic in the center of the cover is an instant visual indicator of the type of materials recipients can expect to find inside.


11. Home Creations

A series of colorful photos pop from the cover of Home Creations’ product binder. The green elements are not only consistent with the company’s color branding, they suggest freshness, wholesomeness and renewal.


12. Omnimeter

The green-yellow gradient on this binder suggests health and happiness, which is very appropriate for the health and safety policies detailed inside. Instead of the traditional circular rings that you find in most binders, this one uses two oblong-shaped rings that give it a unique edge.


13. Omnia

The orange-and-black radial design on the cover of this binder represents sunlight and energy. The same pattern is repeated throughout the various booklets inside, maintaining a strong level of brand consistency.


14. Jones Lang LaSalle

This classic, elegantly simple design centers on a striking contrast between the black exterior and the bright red interior. The company’s logo appears on a band across the middle, giving it a more official look.


15. FLOR

The wooden texture of FLOR’s binder gives it a natural, rustic look. The company’s logo appears on the right side of the cover in a modern, stylish sans-serif font.


16. Minted Strawberry

This DIY wedding planning binder design uses contact paper and spray paint to create a fun, abstract, geometric pattern. The gold color matches the theme of the wedding and is more gender-neutral than pink or lavender, making it a great design for a wide variety of couples.


17. US Tile

US Tile’s clay roofing is the centerpiece of this binder design, the deep brown tones and barrel texture creating a unique, rustic effect on the cover. The inside is organized using tabbed dividers with the same natural color scheme as the cover.

18. CBS Insurance Services, LLC

The vibrant, organic waves of color on this binder’s cover give it a serene, aesthetically pleasing look. The cool blue and green hues are comforting, creating a sense of safety and security.


19. Thompson Building Materials

Thompson Building Materials’ binder is modeled after classic instruction manuals, with monochromatic line drawings on the front cover. The beige color is soft and neutral, while the red accents give the design a dash of passion and energy.


20. Enkeboll Designs

Enkeboll’s specification binder looks like a book you might find on a shelf at an esteemed university library. It’s a highly distinguished look that accentuates the woodcarving organization’s high-end artistry.


21. MinderPet

This bright blue binder from MinderPet places the company’s paw print logo front and center. Colorful tabs encourage recipients to look inside, where they are greeted with full color photographs of adorable pets.


22. Loyola Medicine

The deep maroon color of Loyola Medicine’s binder is indicative of passion, health and energy. The graphic on the front cover indicates the type of transplants covered by the materials inside.


23. Vanilla Upstairs

Vanilla Upstairs uses a leather-bound binder as their menu, creating a look that’s high-end yet homey. The front is embossed with the dining lounge’s logo, maintaining brand exposure while still staying subtle.


24. All About Trucks

The dark and light red stripes in the background of this binder design (along with the slanted shape around the die cut window on the cover) give it an aura of fun and whimsy.


25. EDG18

EDG18’s binder design is consistent with the company’s brand colors, dominated by a bright cerulean blue. The use of diagonal lines implies action, making the cover dynamic and energetic.


26. Attention Disorders Clinic

The use of blue in Attention Disorder Clinic’s binder is suggestive of calmness, security and trust, while the use of brain imagery helps convey the organization’s fundamental purpose. A serif font gives the design an air of professionalism and tradition.


27. Motul

Motul’s binder design is composed entirely of red and white elements, making the text really pop. The heavy use of red gives the binder a sense of vibrant passion.


28. John E. Reid & Associates

Striking images of handcuffs and a suspect being arrested seize the viewer’s attention from the cover of this binder design. The teal color indicates authority, similar to the blue of a police officer’s uniform.


29. GV Kinsman

GV Kinsman uses a simple, no-nonsense, black-and-white design that showcases the company’s logo, contact information, and the products they sell. The rings of the binder are visible through two die-cut holes in the front cover.


30. Scout

An extra-large version of Scout’s logo hangs off the edge of their binder’s front cover. The cool blue color is suggestive of safety and security, making it very fitting for the brand.


31. Wentworth Community Housing

The bright, sunny shapes in this binder’s design give it a light, happy tone, and their triangular shape is suggestive of the roof of a house (a more abstract take on the housing company’s logo).


32. Joseph Jeup

Silver text against a stark black background (combined with the modern, avant-garde font) gives this binder an elegant, luxurious appearance.


33. Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson’s merchandising binder uses a matte black cover and debossed graphics for a look that’s subtle, yet textually impactful. The company’s signature emblem logo appears on the left side of the design.


Do you have a great binder design you’d like to share? Link to it in the comments below!

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